5 Little Known Tips for Keeping Your Fresh Produce Fresh Longer!

I don’t like wasting money, which means I don’t like wasting food.

Many’s the time I’ve had to point out to my young son and daughter that the refrigerator is not a magic box that keeps food fresh forever.

I’ve already started teaching both of them how to prepare simple foods – and how to clean up afterwards (the hardest part of the lesson, truth to tell).

My son loves scramble eggs with chopped up onions. So, one day he chopped up an entire onion, and put half of it back in the fridge in an open container.

Two hours later when he opened the fridge to get some milk, the full, concentrated aroma of onion wafted out at him. Sort of ruined his appetite for the milk. He learned real quick that when you put something pungent in the fridge, like an onion or a left-over piece of fish, you’ve got to wrap it up and put it in a container so the food not only stays fresh but the aroma also doesn’t knock you over – or permeate other foodstuffs in the fridge that really don’t go well with onions.

Here’s a few tips for helping you keep your produce fresher longer.

1. Don’t buy produce in bulk

Yes, it can be a pain to go to the store every few days. But when it comes to produce, the fresher the better. If it’s just you, your significant other and a couple of kids, buy only what you know you’ll eat in a week.  As your kids and their appetites grow you may have to adjust your shopping habits, of course.

2. Not all produce should be kept in the fridge

I used to make this mistake when I was young and innocent. Never mind the fact that when I bought the produce at the grocery store it wasn’t in the refrigerated section! As soon as I got it home, into the fridge it went. And a few days later it would all be…well, not exactly rotten but not exactly fresh either. And I’d wonder why.

Onions don’t belong in the fridge. (At least, not until they’ve been cut up. Then they need to be placed in a resealable bag in the fridge.) Neither do potatoes, tomatoes or apples.

3. Not all produce plays well together

Putting fruit together in a fruit bowl may look nice, but it doesn’t always do the fruit any good. Bananas do best on their very own banana stand. This helps them ripen evenly and helps prevent bruising. Apples all by themselves do great in a fruit bowl, but make sure they’re not sitting somewhere where they’re exposed to direct sunlight.

4. Beware of moisture

Do you ever buy a container of strawberries or blueberries and wash them as soon as you get home before putting them in the fridge, still wet? That’s what helps those berries go bad quickly. Only wash as many berries as you’re going to eat at one sitting.

5. Inventory your fridge regularly

Food stashed in your crisper drawer frequently stays stashed until it’s gone bad. If you keep a list of your food on a magnetic clipboard on your fridge door, you can keep track of what you’ve got and when it should be eaten.

Employ the Clean + Green Fridge Boost

Not all aromas can be eliminated. Some foods and leftovers get stuffed into the fridge carelessly. We’ve all done it. You’ve heard the tip about keeping a box of baking soda in your fridge to absorb odors?

Well, the Clean + Green Fridge Boost does that job and a lot more. By using the Fridge Boost, everything stays fresher longer. That’s because it not only eliminates odor but it also helps eliminate the bacteria that causes food spoilage.

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