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Insulated Glass Tea Travel Bottle

Sencha Green

Thoughtfully designed travel bottle with cork sleeve for insulation and heat-resistant borosilicate glass for a cleaner, healthier choice. Built-in strainer infuses bagged or loose leaf tea, mint, lemon or other flavors.  19 oz.

This is really a great product. So convenient! And it helps me to drink more water too.
Avion Blackman

Quality Built

Designed to last longer than competing products.

Family Safe

Plastic contains no BPA or PVC (and thus no pthalates).

Functional + Friendly

Designed with ease-of-use and function in mind.

Earth Friendly

Made from recycled plastic and can be recycled.

Steep. Sip. Relax: Simply untwist bottom cap. Add loose or bagged tea. Close bottom cap securely. Flip bottle and add hot water from the top before closing the top cap. To drink simply twist cap 60°, hear click, and drink from any side. Dishwasher Safe: Your dishwasher can help give your products a new lease on life. Remember to remove the cork sleeve but then just put the rest of the parts in the top rack for a quick refresher and a solid cleaning.