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  • Stop Wasting Money By Letting Food Rot: We all do it. You buy produce with every intention of making delicious healthy meals, but every week you find yourself throwing food in the garbage because you haven’t used it before it rots. Fridge Boost extends the life of all foods, especially fruits and veggies.
  • Reduce Refrigerator Odor: Pungent foods & unnoticed spills can produce unwanted odors in your refrigerator and freezer. Fridge Boost refrigerator odor remover optimizes the humidity, lowers temperatures and absorbs ethylene gases to reduce smells while keeping fruit, vegetables, and perishable foods fresher for up to 3 times longer.
  • Natural and Eco-Friendly Ingredients: Smart mineral technology made from natural proprietary zeolite formula and activated charcoal sourced and manufactured 100% in the USA.
  • Save Energy & Save Money: Our fridge boost refrigerator odor eliminator and produce saver stabilizes the temperature and moisture in your fridge. Say goodbye to nasty smells and quickly spoiling food.


In the US, an average family of four wastes 1,160 pounds of food annually - that is about 25% of the food they buy goes into the bin. Opening the fridge door throughout the day can cause excess moisture and improper storage temperatures. This can cause food-spoiling and ruin your food in as little as 20 minutes. Fridge Boost is made from a blend of 100% natural minerals with the ability to absorb excess moisture and release it back into the refrigerator when needed to maintain optimum humidity levels for food freshness, resulting in extended shelf life of food.


1. Remove the plastic from shipping and mark the date 90 days in the future to replace Fridge Boost. 2. Once you've marked the date simply place Fridge Boost on the top shelf of your fridge, towards the back. 3. You'll notice within 24 hrs that the items in your fridge may be cooler and that Fridge Boost is beginning to remove odors. 4. After 90 days you can cut open the inner package within Fridge Boost and use those 100% natural minerals as compost!


Fridge Boost minerals are 100% natural and are allowed for use in organic farms. After 90-day use in the fridge, the minerals can be added to your garden or potted plants to help plants absorb moisture and nutrients! Simply cut open the bag and sprinkle the mineral into the soil to give back to the earth.
• Loads and regulates the release of nutrients into the soil
• Balances the pH level of soils
• Improves aeration and minimizes compaction
• Improves strong root development

Product Uses

Vinegar cleaners home surface cleaners Vinegar cleaners home surface cleaners Vinegar cleaners home surface cleaners Vinegar cleaners home surface cleaners Vinegar cleaners home surface cleaners
VinegarTech All-Purpose Cleaner VinegarTech Granite + natural Stone Cleaner Hardwood + Tile Stain Remover Fabric Refresher Spray Carpet + Area Rug Cleaner
Purpose Cleans and shines hard surfaces with no residue or rinsing required Removes grime and dirt from granite and natural stone. This wood floor cleaner can permanently remove stains and odors from wine, coffee, pet messes, oil and vomit. A fabric refresher that works on a variety of fabrics without discoloring them. Removes stubborn household stains and odors including urine, vomit, red wine and pet stains.
Suitable for All-purpose Granite and other natural stones Wood and tile floor All kind of fabric Carpet, sofas, mattresses, rugs, cushion
Kid and Pet Friendly
Made in USA
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